Past Projects


Below are details of some of the brilliant projects that the A Team Challenge has worked with since the launch of the initiative in 2014:  


Grown In Totnes – Transition Town Totnes

Grown in Totnes is pilot that aims to expand the range of local produce, by working with producers to grow, process and sell crops directly for human consumption. All elements of the project will be kept within 30 miles of Totnes.

Cae Tân Community Supported Agriculture & Gower Power Livestock Co-operative

Cae Tân CSA is Wales’ first biodynamic community supported agriculture project. Cae Tân will supply vegetables, fruit and meat to 40 local households by mid 2015 through Cae Tân and their associated livestock co-op. Cae Tân have also just started working with youth, schools and adult groups to engage and train them in sustainable land based enterprise.

Ecological Land Co-operative – Greenham Reach

Greenham Reach is a ground-breaking project of three affordable mixed smallholdings run off-grid, using organic/agro-ecology principles to produce local food and medicine, enabled via a wider national co-operative, the Ecological Land Co-operative. Smallholders at the site are working co-operatively whilst independently establishing businesses in vegetable, salad, fruit and mushroom growing, rearing rare breed livestock for milk, cheese and meat, an edible plant nursery and herbs for herbal medicines.

Bread Matters Ltd. – Scotland the Bread

Scotland The Bread will develop better grain in Scotland, grow and process it for lowest environmental impact and maximum nutritional benefit, support local economies with more jobs per loaf and help combat diet-related ill-health.


The Sárvári Research Trust – The Sárvári Research Trust breed Sárpo potatoes, resistant to late-blight disease. The Trust are looking to set up and run a limited company, Sarpo Potatoes Ltd, which will allow them to multiply, market and sell their seed. Match from The A Team Foundation: £10,000 repayable finance 

School Farm CSA – School Farm CSA is the UK’s only no-dig, certified-organic, community farm. Their aim is to grow food in a way that strengthens the local environment while promoting well-being, offering volunteer and training opportunities, and enriching the community. Match from The A Team Foundation: £6,800 grant

Vertical Veg inspires and supports food growing in small urban spaces. It helps people without gardens to grow food organically, affordably and sustainably in containers. Match from The A Team Foundation: £3,000 repayable finance

Whippletree Farm – Whippletree Farm want to start a club for city dwellers to develop a connection with the countryside by providing the opportunity to stay and help on the farm. By encouraging city folk to directly support farming, the sustainability of small-scale agriculture becomes more feasible. Match from The A Team Foundation: £5,000 repayable finance


You can see the successful crowdfunding pages of these projects here.